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Chile, the land that has it all

avg £12,000 pp


Majestic mountains and waterfalls, lakes and salt lakes, lagoons, ice covered deserts, moon-like terrains, geysers, marble caves, volcanoes (incl. world's highest active volcano), glaciers to lose count (including a hanging glacier), and cities full of art and romance with superb cuisine and fine wines - that is Chile, and so much more. We're simply listing these natural wonders because no adjectives would do it justice. Chile is beyond spectacular, it is breathtaking. Every landscape makes you want to stop time, that's how we felt.

Chile has 6 different UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 17 additional locations reportedly under consideration for future inclusion. Some say there is no way to fit everything Chile has to offer in one trip, but if you want we have our ways - from the Easter Island, to the Atacama desert and from the Torres Del Paine National Park to the Chilean Tierra del Fuego, without skipping the beautiful and artsy port city of Valparaiso.


The price is an average based on our experience, including luxury accommodation, daily activities and exquisite meals. It highly depends on how active you want your holiday to be. The experience would include specialised guides, volcano climbing, Atacama desert exploration, scenic dining and natural spa relaxation, glacier trekking and other extraordinary daily activities like kayaking above a submerged forest or inside blue marble caves.


The Atacama Desert spanning from the Andes to the Pacific is the driest place on earth, some parts of it having never received a drop of rain. It is believed to be the oldest desert in the world. Given it's cloudless skies and high altitude we believe it is the best location for stargazing. Its surreal valleys are filled with flamingos and geysers. 

The climate of Chile comprises a wide range of weather conditions across a large geographic scale, extending across 38 degrees in latitude, making generalisations difficult. Chile hosts at least seven major climatic subtypes withing its borders.
Spring (Sept - Nov) and Fall (March - May) are ideal times to visit Chile thanks to mild temperatures and fewer crowds. Summer (Dec - Feb) sees the peak of popularity. Our favourite months are March and November, when the spring blooms or the autumnal hues will make for a very special experience; there are no crowds, yet it is mild enough to sunbathe in the Atacama and feel warm enough in Patagonia.
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