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Bali, Indonesia

avg £11,000 pp


Known as the "Island of Gods", Bali is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Both a surfer's paradise and a lazy beach holiday destination, Bali stands out to us as a spiritual heaven with incredible hospitality, warm people, delicious food and out of this world yoga studios.

Discover temples, caves, waterfalls, museums, markets, and if you like history and culture as much as we do then you can spend hours learning the local legends and Balinese traditions in places like Ubud.

Feel free to design your trip with a focus on health, yoga, detox, fitness or spirituality as well as taking the opportunity to acquire new skills such as surfing, cooking, and many more. One thing is certain, when you leave Bali you'll be a better version of yourself, and a part of your heart will remain there forever, longing for your return. 


The price is an average based on our experience, including luxury accommodation, daily activities and exquisite meals. It highly depends on how active you want your holiday to be. The experience would include specialised guides, sunrise volcano climbing, daily spa treatments and massages, private yoga classes in the rice fields and other activities like chocolate making classes, learning about elephants in the rescue sanctuary or immersing in the local community. 


Combining Hinduism with some Buddhist mythology, ancestral spirits, animism, magic and indigenous deities, Balinese Hinduism has a higher than average number of gods. This complex belief system results in an island with more than 20,000 shrines (pura), which is why it’s called the Island of Gods.

Bali is also called the Coral Triangle. Sitting in the middle of the world’s richest coral waters it is considered the ‘Amazon of the Seas’ for its marine biodiversity, with more than 600 species of coral, but also turtles and more than 2000 species of fish.

Bali is located about 8 degrees south of the Equator. Therefore you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year around - with two main distinctive seasons: dry and rainy.
May to September is usually the dry season, when days are sunnier. This is widely considered best time to go, with a good balance of sunshine, moderate humidity and surfable waves. Then, it’s the period between October and April that’s when you can expect a mix of overcast skies and occasional downpours. 
We've experienced both and confirm we've also enjoyed the wet season with lush green rice paddies to meditate in. Since there are few rice harvests a year, we'll make sure you won't be missing this gorgeous sight.
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