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South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

avg £3,000 pp


Immerse yourself in one of the most authentic and luxurious African safaris, in Zambia. Alongside the beautiful scenery there is also a beautiful culture. The people of Zambia are kind and friendly, and will welcome you with genuine warmth and hospitality. The local people are also some of the best guides in the entire country, and their passion for sharing their knowledge while working in these camps, which can be incredibly remote, makes the safari experience that much richer and more memorable.

South Luangwa’s concentration of animals is some of the most dense and varied across Africa, including the big five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo). That's why travellers often return. 

The South Luangwa National Park is one of our favourite destinations and this is just a taster activity example in the region.


One third of Zambia is made of national parks. Zambia is home to the co-shared Victoria Falls (bordering Zimbabwe and double the height of Niagara Falls) and holds everything that there is to love about raw and untamed Africa. Termite hills in Zambia can grow as big as a small sized house.


The dry season runs from May to October and May to August is the best time to go to Zambia for game viewing along with pleasantly mild daytime temperatures, before it gets too warm in September.


The rainy season (December to April) is the "green season" as the bush becomes thick and green.

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